Conversation at Dawn

The pep-talk I give to someone who needs it regularly.

As dawns another day,
You need to hear what I have to say
Lend me your ears for a minute or two
This wont take long, I promise you.

Today you will make me proud.
Stand tall, with a voice clear and loud.
Looking at you, people will go:
‘Oh my, she’s a leader for sure.’

Admiration will brim in their eyes,
Placing you on a pedestal that touches the skies.
And under that shroud of respect, you’ll smile
In the realisation that you are worthwhile.

Today is the day to speak your mind.
Open up, and who knows what you’ll find.
Don’t take the road taken by all,
Build your own road and walk tall.

So take my advice my dear friend,
Remember it till the days very end.
Don’t spend another day feeling inferior,
I’ll see you tomorrow, my dear mirror.


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