The Rain’s Speech

The Rain had finished its speech, but it’s words still hung in the air. The Rain’s most devoted audience – the Trees, were inspired and the words clung on to every inch of them – their leaves, flowers, twigs, branches, and trunk. Their greed got the better of them, and they fought over the words left behind in the soil.
Today, the Rain’s speech was ideal. It was of a pleasing length, was well written, and was delivered with perfection. It wasn’t rushed, the pauses were in perfect timing, and the Rain’s enunciation was faultless. It wasn’t one of the ceaseless, dreary, heavy ones, which bored the Trees and swayed them to sleep. Nor was it one of the short ones, duration of a blink, which left the Trees begging for more.

Today the Rain had encouraged, motivated and inspired, and although it’s the Wind’s turn to take the stage, the Rain’s speech can still be heard.


One thought on “The Rain’s Speech

  1. I like how you have given Rain a persona with an intent and purpose. The relationship between the elements of Nature has been given a human twist. A different insight to an every day phenomenon.

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