The Jutting Out Pavement Slab.

“Come back!”, they pleaded.

“You’re sticking out”, they said.

“Fall back in line”, they commanded.

” Not today !”, I shouted down to them.


My whole life has been spent claustrophobically.

My every inch attached to someone else.

My physical border shared.

My thoughts, hopes, and ambitions,

hidden under  dust, gravel and muddy footprints,

cemented to the mundane counterparts of my adjoining blocks,

who are cemented to the blocks adjoining them;

Each of us a bogey in a train of submissiveness and underserved complacency,

Willingly letting people walk all over us.


Until today,

When I shook away the cement at my sides,

and propped my head up, above the others.

People no longer walk over me,

and I trip those who try.

I finally broke free,

and am proud to be the derailing bogey.




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